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Marketing & Distribution

KRISTAL SALT is serving the market for more than three decades. We have a well-integrated marketing and distribution network that allows it to supply its products to various parts of the Country. KRISTAL SALT is supplied through a wide distribution network wherein our channel partners make sure that our range is delivered always on time. Our marketing and distribution professionals carry decades of experience that have enabled us to set a firm foothold in our target markets.

Our team seamlessly handles distributors, local marketing activities as part of their daily grind in achieving topline numbers. Their longer term orientation and a bottom-line perspective help them in improve their planning processes, drive a profitable product mix, have win-win commercial negotiations and enhance ROI.

KRISTAL SALT has established a robust distribution channel across INDIA. We not only shaped the distribution system of our segment but have also laid the rules of the game which directly or indirectly many other companies have followed.

Below is how a traditional FMCG Distribution System in India looks like. Of course, it’s not so linear and easy. Many times, the roles are overlapping and the flow of products also may skip a stage or two depending on the purchasing power of the retailer.