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Edible Grade Salt

Our edible grade salt is used in numerous food-related industries like bread making, confectionery, bakery, cereals, butter and cheese, pickles and spices, etc. Salt is used in bread manufacturing for the stability of wheat gluten and helps to lower the rate of fermentation. Salt acts as a starter in the culture of microorganisms and helps modify enzyme activity in the production of cheese. In pickles, salt helps in controlling the microbiological and pyrogenic growth, and thus provides the conditions conducive for fermentation.

We are premier refiners of exclusive Food Salt. Our Quality team takes extensive care in the inspection and verification of the chemical composition, essential for the particular taste needed for different food items. With an efficient packaging and delivery mechanism, this product has been renowned for its freshness and purity. Our customization in composition and packaging has enhanced client satisfaction important for growth and expansion.

Sl NoSpecification
2Particle : 20 mesh
(+850 mic )10% max
(850 to -150 )80% max
(-150 mic)10% max
3Moisture %<0.5%
4Alkalinity %<0.15%
5Sodium Chloride as NaCl%>98.5%
6Calcium as Ca%<0.15%
7Magnesium as Mg%<0.10%
8Sulphate as SO4 %<0.6%
9Water Inssouble Impurities %<0.30%
10Iron -ppm<50ppm
11Lead-ppm< 2.5 ppm
12Arsenic-ppm< 1.0 ppm
13Copper-mg/kg< 2.0 ppm
14Mercury as Hg Mg/Kg< 1.0 ppm
15Cadmium - mg/Kg< 1.50 ppm