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Premium Iodised Salt – Kalluppu

Kristal Premium Iodised Crystal Salt (Kalluppu) combines the goodness of iodine and crystal salt, sourced from the sea, and is hygienically packed. It is a Traditional & Authentic Salt widely used in Southern parts of India. Kalluppu Salt is more granular with large chunky Crystals and not chemically processed. It is best used in dishes like sambhar, chutney, and pickles.

Sl NoSpecification
2Particle : 20 meshGranular
3Moisture %< 6.0 %
4Alkalinity %<0.15%
5Sodium Chloride as NaCl%>97.0%
6Calcium as Ca%<0.40%
7Magnesium as Mg%<0.30%
8Sulphate as SO4 %<1.00%
9Water Inssouble Impurities %<0.30%
10Iron -ppm<50ppm
11Lead-ppm< 2.5 ppm
12Arsenic-ppm< 1.0 ppm
13Copper-mg/kg< 2.0 ppm
14Mercury as Hg Mg/Kg< 1.0 ppm
15Cadmium - mg/Kg< 1.50 ppm