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Low Sodium Salt

Kristal Lite Low Sodium Salt with all-natural ingredients with great salty flavor and contains less sodium. Enjoy a great alternative to regular salt on the table and in your cooking.

Why Sodium is Required?

Sodium is essential in small quantities but can cause serious, longer health problems when consumed in excess.

Consuming high levels of sodium can have many negative health effects, such as increased blood pressure and heart complications. Still, moderate amounts of sodium — which meet the recommendations of health experts — have some health advantages, like keeping the body functioning properly. The amount of sodium you should consume daily varies, however, based on several health factors.

Sodium helps muscles and nerves work properly by assisting muscular contraction and transmission of nerve signals. It also helps regulate blood pressure and volume. Having the proper amount of sodium in the body maintains an appropriate overall balance of bodily fluids. Sodium also helps sustain a regular blood pH level, an important indicator of health.

Benefits of Kristal Lite Low Sodium Salt

Kristal Lite Low Sodium Salt can help you stay healthy by reducing the amount of salt in your diet and you’ll be taking a major step towards a healthier lifestyle. Easy to use and widely available. Reducing Salt Intake Leads To Major Health Benefits:

1. Modest reductions in salt intake lower blood pressure.
2. Major reductions in strokes and heart attacks are the most common cause of death and disability.

Sl NoSpecification
2Particle : 20 mesh
(+850 mic )10% max
(850 to -150 )80% max
(-150 mic)10% max
3Moisture %<0.5%
4Alkalinity %<0.15%
5Sodium Chloride as NaCl%>84.0 %
6Calcium as Ca%<0.15%
7Magnesium as Mg%<0.10%
8Sulphate as SO4 %<0.6%
9Water Inssouble Impurities %<0.30%
10Iron -ppm<50ppm
11Lead-ppm< 2.5 ppm
12Arsenic-ppm< 1.0 ppm
13Copper-mg/kg< 2.0 ppm
14Mercury as Hg Mg/Kg< 1.0 ppm
15Cadmium - mg/Kg< 1.50 ppm