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Super Fine Salt

Known for its excellent purity and rich iodine content, Super Fine Salt is also available. Using quality-approved salt particles, we process this salt with the consistent improvisation of cutting-edge techniques at our high-tech refining unit. Our professionals are very much committed to taking a series of effective refining processes to provide the perfect salt with a high level of purity.

Sl NoSpecification
2Particle : 20 mesh
(+850 mic )Nil
(850 to -150 )15% max
(-150 mic)85% max
3Moisture %<0.8%
4Alkalinity %<0.15%
5Sodium Chloride as NaCl%>97.0%
6Calcium as Ca%<0.60%
7Magnesium as Mg%<0.15%
8Sulphate as SO4 %<1.20%
9Water Inssouble Impurities %<0.50%
10Iron -ppm<50ppm
11Lead-ppm< 2.5 ppm
12Arsenic-ppm< 1.0 ppm
13Copper-mg/kg< 2.0 ppm
14Mercury as Hg Mg/Kg< 1.0 ppm
15Cadmium - mg/Kg< 1.50 ppm