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Raw Salt

We are one of the leading Manufacturers of Raw Salt, having an annual production of 150 million kgs per annum. Our harvesting area is spread over 9 sq km on freehold land in Tuticorin, Tamil Nadu, India. This unprocessed salt is used for human consumption as well as ideal for many industrial uses. Inspite of the high demand for Raw Salt by various manufacturers for its purity and high quality, the same is being used by our refining division to provide refined package salt to consumers.

Natural Raw Sea Salt is the most basic condiment as well as a staple food. This sea salt is obtained from the evaporation of the ocean’s water, simply and without artifice. No synthetic mineral supplement can be equal to the wealth of minerals that natural Sea Salt supplies, regardless of how rich it’s content or how precisely it is formulated.

Kristal Sea Salt is harvested from the water of the Indian Ocean in Tuticorin, Tamil Nadu, India. Excellent climatic conditions offer the advantage of a unique mix of minerals. Free of any processing, it is dried only by the hot sun and wind. It is harvested by experts who delicately gather it from pristine, clay-lined salt ponds, with wooden hand tools.

Sl NoSpecification
2Moisture %< 6.0 %
3Alkalinity %<0.15%
4Sodium Chloride as NaCl%>96.0%
5Calcium as Ca%<0.40%
6Magnesium as Mg%<0.60%
7Sulphate as SO4 %<1.00%
8Water Inssouble Impurities %<0.50%
9Iron -ppm<50ppm
10Lead-ppm< 2.5 ppm
11Arsenic-ppm< 1.0 ppm
12Copper-mg/kg< 2.0 ppm
13Mercury as Hg Mg/Kg< 1.0 ppm
14Cadmium - mg/Kg< 1.50 ppm